Cartridges and pleated filter elements

The filter cartridges and pleated elements manufactured by IFIL AG are the perfect complement to ICT FILTRATION’s wide range of dust filter elements.

ICT FILTRATION is the exclusive distributor in Spain and Portugal and official distributor in other countries for IFIL. This collaboration offers easy, convenient access at highly competitive prices to products recognised as benchmarks on the market.

This Swiss company is the world leader in the manufacture of high-performance pleated bags, with standard models and custom designs to cope with working temperature of up to 180ºC. Furthermore, IFIL products in Spain have a distinctive added value: the ICT service commitment through its Technical Support and Customer Care team, which offers specialist support aimed at maximum performance and benefits from bags and cartridges in filtration installations.


  • Maximum performance over a long life cycle.
  • Reduction and control of emissions.
  • Products meeting market standards.
  • Manufacturing to order.
  • Different finishes to meet the customer’s needs (fluorocarbon treatment, PTFE membrane, anti-static and so on)
  • Maximum filtering surface in minimum space.
  • Fixing systems with maximum guarantees of hermetic seals.
  • Certified according to different market requirements (FDA, ATEX, etc.)
cartuchos filtrantes


Cartridge with a clamp fixing system at 3 or 4 points depending on the diameter of the filter element. This clamp can include a venturi if the installation requires it..

This is the most common model in most dust capture installations with this filtration system. They can be mounted on the clean air chamber or on the dirty air chamber, which is why this model is differentiated into TR (top removal) and BR (bottom removal).

RapidAer specifications

  • Length up to 2,000 mm.
  • Diameters 145 – 156 – 218 and 325 mm.
  • Working temperature up to 180ºC
  • Clamps made of polyamide, galvanised steel or aluminium.
  • Manufactured in FDA-certified materials.
  • Made in anti-static materials to comply with ATEX standards.
  • Materials with hydrophobic and oleophobic treatments.

Cartridge with a fixing system using a threaded rod. They are generally mounted on the dirty air chamber and consist of a cover with a hole in the centre to fit the fixing system.

Several cartridges of this type can be fitted together. In this case the intermediate cartridges will be open at both ends and a rubber seal fitted on each of the rubber joints to assure control of emissions.

OptiAer specifications

  • Length up to 2,000 mm
  • Diameters 120 – 560 mm
  • Working temperature up to 180ºC
  • Metal parts in galvanised steel
  • Manufactured in FDA-certified materials
  • Made in anti-static materials to comply with ATEX standards
  • Materials with hydrophobic and oleophobic treatments

If your installation has this type of filter element and you wish to ask for a quote to replace it.

cartuchos filtrantes optiaer

MaxiAer pleated fabric filter elements are generally used to replace bags and using them requires a preliminary application study.

The MaxiAer range, made up of models for top removal or bottom removal, offers many opportunities to update and/or modernise existing bag filters.

MaxiAer Eco-Efficiency

  • Increases the volume of gas in the process using the filter.
  • Reduces Δp friction loss.
  • Reduces mg/Nm³ emissions and increases filtration efficiency.
  • Reduces clogging of the filter medium.
  • Eliminates abrasion, especially at the bottom of bags.
  • Increases the useful life of bags.

MaxiAer specifications

  • Length: 80 – 3000 mm
  • Diameter: 80 – 570 mm
  • Working temperature range: -40 °C to 180 °C
  • Metal parts in SS-304, SS-316, SS-304, SS-316 galvanised steel
  • FDA execution, certificate of suitability for use with foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals
  • Filtration materials available from stock with: BGIA certificate, filter class “M” and “H” for filtration efficiency. DEKRA anti-static certificate. Electrical resistance <105 Ohm/cm. EN1822 Test. HEPA filter class H11-H13 ePTFE membrane
  • Various finishes: water, oil, flame-repellent, etc.
  • Flexible manufacturing: from a single unit to long runs

If you wish to increase the filtration surface area of your installation (replace bags with MaxiAer), you can fill in the attached questionnaire and our Technical Support department will contact you to advise you.

If your installation has filter elements of this type and you wish to ask for a quote for their replacement, please fill in the attached questionnaire.

Cartridge with a fixing system using a threaded rod with a specific filter medium for filtering smoke from welding, plasma, oxygen or nitrogen cutting and thermal applications for spraying metal.

Filter medium made up of polyester and cellulose fibres which, while they have lower mechanical strength, improve the passage of air and the retention of very fine particles and smoke thanks to the presence of NANOFIBRES.

These filter elements must always work with pre-coatings suitable for cartridges (see DUSTCOATING W) which, as a finer dust than with the usual pre-coatings is involved, allows them to protect the fibres without clogging the filter medium.

NanoAer specifications

Measurements available:

Ø 325 x 600
Ø 325 x 660
Ø 352 x 600
Ø 352 x 660

Available with cover for fitting with a pin or open on both sides to be able to fit more than one cartridge together.

Oval cartridges with galvanised metal parts made in the usual filter media, treated or untreated polyester, with conductive fibres to comply with ATEX rules and a Teflon membrane for uses where emission controls are more restrictive and/or the particles being filtered are smaller.

These oval cartridges are also made with nano-fibres and nano-fibres with flame-retardant treatment, enabling us to meet the needs of installations with laser and plasma cutting processes.

Oval cartridges can also be supplied in INOX 304 to meet the requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries with filter media certified to EU10/2011 and/or FDA standards.

Oval specifications

  • Length: up to 660 mm
  • Sizes: custom designs
  • Cellulose filter fabric working temperature: 80ºC
  • Polyester filter fabric working temperature: 100ºC
  • Working temperatures between 130ºC and 180ºC to order
  • Cellulose filter surface: 17.9 m2
  • Polyester filter surface: 11 m2

ICT FILTRATION supplies special cartridges, like those with the screw fitting system, also manufactured by IFIL AG.

Over 100 different designs, including cone-shaped, to meet the needs of each customer’s installation.

Special cartridge specifications

  • Different thread sizes
  • Conical and cylindrical shapes
  • Length up to 2,000 mm
  • Working temperature up to 180ºC
  • Manufactured in FDA-certified materials
  • Made in anti-static materials to comply with ATEX standards
  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic materials

If your installation has filter elements of this type and you wish to ask for a quote for their replacement, please contact us.

“Blind” covers supplied to close holes in the plate during replacement and/or cleaning processes. Intended for threaded clamp cartridge plates.

Available for 100×4 mm thread in galvanised or stainless steel. Please enquire about other measurements or finishes.

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