Committed to environmentally responsible industrial progress

We help industry to be more competitive and environment-friendly through innovation, design, production and marketing of solutions to control the risk of emissions of particles, pollution and product wastage.


We are convinced that industry can be competitive and responsible at the same time, and this vision goes beyond merely complying with standards and legislation for emissions of industrial particles into the atmosphere.
ICT Filtration believes in smart, aware industrial progress that is also ambitious and responsible.


We promote, ensure and facilitate a balance between maximum industrial development and minimum environmental impact through innovation, design, production and marketing of products and services to help industry to minimise the risk of particle emissions.
ICT FILTRATION helps companies to be more competitive and responsible.


Balance, imagination, innovation, transparency, sincerity, simplicity, naturalness and commitment are the values that inspire the way we think and act. They are also the pillars on which we construct our proposition of products, services and alliances.
Companies that decide and act on their own initiative are the ones that build the better future that others only talk about.

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Subvencions per a la contractació laboral de persones de 30 anys i més
Aquesta actuació està impulsada i subvencionada pel Servei Públic d’Ocupació de Catalunya i finançada al 100% pel Fons Social Europeu com a part de la resposta de la Unió Europea a la pandèmia de COVID-19.

More than specialists, we’re experts

Offering high quality, efficient solutions since 1985, tailored to customers’ needs on five continents and in all industries, including the most demanding, such as pharmaceuticals and food.

What we do

Our mission is to help industry to be more competitive and at the same time environment-friendly. Since 1985 we have created, designed, manufactured and marketed solutions to control the risk of emissions of particles and contamination and product wastage.
We offer high quality, efficient professional solutions, tailored to the needs of companies on five continents and in all industries, including the most demanding, such as pharmaceuticals and food.
From our factory in Montgat, Barcelona, and through our products and services, we foster, guarantee and facilitate the balance between maximum industrial development and minimum environmental impact.

How we do it

ICT FILTRATION innovates, creates and advances in research into new materials, improved finishing techniques, the development of our own production technologies and the manufacture and marketing of solutions and products of certified quality.
Different fabrics, compositions, porosities, physical and mechanical features, weaves, thicknesses and many other features enable us to imagine and find the right cloth for each use, however complex it may seem. On the basis of this choice, ICT FILTRATION designs the total solution to best meet the need described: from a standard product to a unique, personalised, custom system.
ICT FILTRATION’s experience and specialisation enable it to create and optimise the system for controlling and handling emissions to enable industries to adapt to and surpass the most demanding environmental regulations and laws in their jurisdiction.

A top-class professional workforce

We have a qualified workforce that strives for constant improvement and customer care. Find out a little more about us by clicking on the images.

Want to join the team?

If you’re looking for personal and professional growth, we propose you join our team to create a shared future.

ICT FILTRATION seeks cheerful, optimistic, keen, motivated people oriented towards service and teamwork, whatever the responsibilities they aspire to in the organisation. Professionals whose capacities offer value, freshness and innovative solutions to their colleagues, company and customers.

Solidarity & Sports Activities Team: Anything is possible!

This heading brings together all the charity and personal achievement activities we support, organise or take part in, within our always modest but determined possibilities.

Elbrus, the roof of Europe.

ICT FILTRATION met the challenge of the Intermon Oxfam Trailwalker, 100 km on foot for a good cause.

ICT FILTRATION at the Ironman in Nice, 2012.
ICT FILTRATION at the summit of Gran Paradiso.
Intermon Oxfam Trailwalker: 2 teams, 100 km and 1 good cause. Challenge met!
Third training for the Intermon Oxfam Trailwalker 2012.
Second training for the Intermon Oxfam Trailwalker 2012.
First training for the Intermon Oxfam Trailwalker 2012.
Committed to solidarity and personal achievement: Anything is possible! First activity: Charity race to combat AIDS.

Walk up Matagalls mountain.
“A top for Nacho” charity campaign.

A top for Nacho: over 250 kg of solidarity.

Coaching for the whole team.
Charity roses with Proyecto Hombre.
Intermon Oxfam Trailwalker Madrid.
Intermon Oxfam Trailwalker Girona.

Team Building: trekking Queralbs – Núria – Fontalba – Queralbs.
Team Building: bar football championship.
Blood donation.
Intermon Oxfam Trailwalker France.

58 km Montgat – Montserrat 58 km challenge: the outcome.
Clocking up kilometres for the 58 km Montgat – Montserrat challenge.
La Bastarda 2017 endurance walk.
A new challenge: the Montgat – Montserrat endurance walk.
Intermon Oxfam Trailwalker Basque Country.
Blood donation.

Race for Life: combating cancer.
Intermon Oxfam Trailwalker 2011-2018.
St. George’s Day: “La era del hipercambio” [“The Era of Hyperchange”] book.
La Bastarda endurance walk.
Barcelona Magic Line charity walk.
Bar football championship.
Aware, charitable, responsible and sporting.
Blood donation: People make businesses great.

Two teams from ICT FILTRATION take part in Magic Line Barcelona, over distances of 20 and 30 kilometres. 23 volunteer athletes make up the teams.

Charity project #EncestandoValores: charity basket in Ivory Coast.

IO Trailwalker

From 2001 to 2018 we’ve taken part in 7 events: Montserrat, Girona (2), Madrid, Basque Country, France and England. This is a charity sports event consisting of walking 100 km in less than 32 h, in teams of four. Funds go to Intermon Oxfam projects in Africa.

Barcelona Magic Line

The third time we took part (in 2019) we entered two teams and a total of 25 participants. We have teams in the 20 and 30 km distances. The route on foot covers the seven mountains around Barcelona. Charity sports event. Funds go to the Sant Joan de Déu hospital.

Sique Foundation

We’re corporate partners of this non-profit body that works for the well-being and autonomy of people with different intellectual abilities. We help by buying products created at Sique, like calendars, and by implementing the Lismi act, hiring employees linked to the organisation.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Environment

One of the main parameters for measuring the level of progress in a society is its environmental awareness.

Different legislation obliges industry to care for the environment. Consequently, filter suppliers are required to give the maximum guarantees on their products.
The products manufactured and marketed by ICT FILTRATION use certified raw materials and are subject to demanding quality control. Like this ICT FILTRATION guarantees levels of emissions, pollution and product wastage well below those stipulated by law, minimising the impact of industrial progress on the quality of the environment and people’s health.