Heat sealed textile screens and stainless steel screens

ICT FILTRATION heat sealed textile screens and stainless steel screens are used in screening and separation processes with solids, generally in difficult sifting processes, to ensure a usable end product free from impurities.

Each manufacturer has their models and each model has its measurements. If we have a sample, we can make up the right screen for your machine, optimising points liable to breakage or wear and tear.


  • Maximum performance over a long life cycle.
  • Reduction and control of emissions.
  • Products meeting market standards.
  • Manufacturing to order according to the requirements of the installation.

The high centrifugal force to which screens are often subjected means they must be reinforced to prevent any breakages and contamination of the product being filtered, which in this case is not waste but a useful product. The technological innovation of finishing off ICT FILTRATION textile screens with heat-sealed hot-melt polymer avoids breakages and contamination, among other benefits.

Heat sealed textile screens

The new textile screens from ICT FILTRATION use a hot-melt polymer as a seal to avoid the problems typically arising from traditional stitching.

This innovative technology developed by ICT FILTRATION represents a turning point in terms of features. Made with polyester and polyamide multifilament fibres, this new generation of textile screens is intended for screening and separation processes with solids, generally in difficult sifting processes, to ensure a usable end product free from impurities.

Industries like pharmaceuticals, chemicals and food now have an alternative that solves many of the problems associated with stitched closures and offers substantial advantages:

• It does away with the central lengthwise thickness
• It avoids breakage due to the blades inside getting caught
• It increases the useful life of the screen
• It stops product building up in the seam
• It reduces the risk of cross contamination
• Same filtration surface
• RD EU10/2011 food certification

tamices textiles termosellados
tamices textiles termosellados ICT FILTRATION
Tamices textiles termosoldados ICT FILTRATION

Finishes and fabrics

Screens are generally made of monofilament fabrics.

Ratio between number of threads and their diameter to mesh opening size

Table of features of monofilament polyamide fabrics


They are most widely used in the following industries:

  • Food
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals

Stainless steel filter screens for centrifuges

Customised cone filters

Tamiz inoxidable

We make screen filters of all kinds in microperforated sheet for use in filters for granulators and drawing filters, among others, with certified materials and manufacture.

Mesh screens for granulators

Tamiz inoxidable

Screens specially designed for the pharmaceutical industry. Made from mesh, perforated sheet or a combination of the two. Meshes made with round or square-section wire and different finishes to suit the use, for coarse or fine granulates.

Sintered mesh cartridges

Cartuchos sinterizados

Filter cartridges made from sintered mesh made up of two or more layers for filtering from 5µ, with or without external circlips. 2.2 and 3.1 certification also included with custom-made products in any diameter and format type.

Centrifuge screen

Example of stainless steel screens in use in centrifuge.

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Filter bags and pockets

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Pressure filter pockets

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