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All the products manufactured by ICT FILTRATION show the responsibility and commitment to the quality, efficiency and safety required by our customers and the environment. The labelling, datafiles and documentation available for ICT FILTRATION products and the raw materials used to manufacture them include their source (manufacturer, country of origin, etc.), technical specifications and composition (type of fabric, permeability, strengths, tolerances, etc.) and certifications and approvals to support all this information, as well as the performance they will offer during their life cycle under proper working conditions.

Manufacturing of standard and custom solutions. Customised packaging and labelling.

We boost the performance of your facilities: highly durable, profitable solutions.

Technical support and customer care services. Express manufacturing and supply.

Raw materials in accordance with GMP, FDA, ATEX, EU10/2011, 1935/2004 regulations.


Processing and capture

Primary aluminium multi-channel pockets

Filter bags and pockets

Cartridges and pleated filter elements

Multi-pocket and star bags

Fluid bed filters

Textile and metal screens

Venturis and cages

Pre-coating for bags and cartridges

Leak detector

Filter cleaning and maintenance

Fluidisation fabrics, hoses and discs

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Process and filtration

Pressure filter pockets

Bags and cloths for centrifuges

Press filter accessories

Press filter cloths

Wound and extruded cartridges for liquids

Single or double in-line filters with filter basket or pocket

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Wide range of standard and custom-manufactured solutions.

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