Filtration solutions for the


Manufactured from raw materials in accordance with
GMP, FDA, ATEX, EU10/2011 y 1935/2004 regulations

Liquid/solid separation and drying

PharmaLine solutions for pharmaceutical
product manufacturing processes

ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU
EC 1935/2004
FDA Regulation 21.177.1630
Article 17 of Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011
Dual-use additive E171 regulated by EC No. 1333/2008 and 1334/2008
GMP regulation EC 2023/2006

Fluid bed filters

Intended for granulation, drying, pelletisation, coating and spray sealing processes.

1. Octopus (1-2 compartments)
2. Bags
3. Cartridges

  • Ensures mixtures with a low rate of variation
  • End product free from impurities and contamination
  • Maximum performance over a long life cycle
  • Less equipment immission time
  • Total traceability

PharmaLine fluid bed filters by ICT Filtration are suitable for the following brands:

Filter bags and cartridges

GMP filter elements intended for solid handling processes:

  • Micronization
  • Vacuum drying
  • Dosification
  • Dust collectors
  • Spray drying
  • Dust handling

PharmaLine filter bags and cartridges by ICT Filtration are suitable for the following brands:

Bags and cloths for centrifuges

Intended for producing pharmaceutical active ingredients, intermediate products, generics and other pharmaceutical substances.

1. Cloths
2. Bags
3. Inverted system

  • Compatibility with solvents in the process
  • Solutions for multi-product and short production runs
  • Filter fabrics with high filtration levels during the phases of scrubbing and isolating the active ingredient
  • Quick, easy fitting system
  • Custom labelling and recording with laser technology
  • Materials in accordance with ATEX, EU 10/2011, FDA, GMP

PharmaLine cloths and pockets for centrifuges by ICT Filtration are suitable for the following brands:

Screens and meshes

Screens for particle processing and size reduction applications.

1. Design: conical, oscillating, rotating, vibrating
2. Types: mesh, perforated sheet, scraper
3. Standards: AISI 316, 3.1 certified, laser marking, electropolished finish

PharmaLine screens and meshes by ICT Filtration are suitable for the following brands:

Custom solutions

ICT FILTRATION FoodLine solutions are made following Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) through Standardised Working Procedures (SWP).

Manufacturing and finishing

Technical textiles, polyamide and polyester conductive fabrics. Laser cutting, ultrasonic and heat wealding, laser marking identification, dedicated staff, test report.

Heat-sealed seams

Eliminates the risk of product wastage through the holes (as occurs with traditional stitching) and that of cross-contamination from fibre separation due to broken threads.


– Ensures mixtures with a low rate of variation
– Pure end product free from contaminants
– Optimisation of production processes
– Enhanced performance of the equipment or installation
– Less equipment down time
– Avoids the risk of cross-contamination due to fibre separation


– Certified products with documented traceability
– Designs tailored to the customer’s machinery and installations
– Personalised labelling, marking and packaging
– Custom identification: laser engraving, with no threads or inks

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