The challenge is to provide really efficient solutions

We meet the challenge of efficiency by offering solutions that combine professional experience, research into fabrics and raw materials, analysis of real needs, observation of how products are used and function in practice, testing and diagnosis of operating results, observation of total quality, improvement of production processes and times and the use of innovative finishing technologies.


Exclusive machinery and craft skills enable us to supply high-quality products, both standard and to order, at highly competitive prices.

We devote considerable financial resources and human capital to innovation in design, manufacturing and finishing processes, technologies and techniques, with the aim of offering innovative, competitive products of the highest quality, total reliability, maximum durability and high efficiency.

Ultrasound and heat sealing

· Stronger lengthwise closures.
· Thinner seals, maximising tightness, especially at the top with SNAP-RING.
· Improved tightness due to the absence of holes made by needles.
· No threads, removing a possible source of cross-contamination in filtration processes.

Precision cutting

Randix automated process: blade cutting system used for fabrics and needle-punched felt. This is ideal for most specialist fabrics and aids optimum manufacturing.
Automated laser process: thermal cutting used to achieve a direct final finish that avoids the possibility of the fabric fraying.

Bags with intermediate rings

The exclusive intermediate ring machine installed in our plant was designed and built to automate the adjustment of cloths that require metal rings to fit them in the filter.
The filter can only be assembled properly and the desired performance achieved in long bags with intermediate rings.


Exclusive machinery and craft skills enable us to supply high-quality products, both standard and to order, at highly competitive prices.

Technical Office to design and develop solutions tailored to customers’ needs. Laboratory devoted to Innovation + Research + Development and testing of raw materials and new products. Quality Assurance Department (ISO 9001).

Technical Office

Design, development and testing of efficient, long-lasting custom and personalised solutions are at the core of the Technical Office’s role. Powerful IT tools and latest-generation software applications, together with a qualified professional team, make us one of the most competitive options on the market.

R&D Laboratory

The laboratory tests and trials new fabrics and raw materials. It also analyses samples and repairs filter elements sent by our customers. It works together with the Technical Office and those in charge of Quality and Production to develop new solutions in materials and functional components for filter elements.

Certified quality

IQNet and Aenor have certified that ICT FILTRATION, S.L. has a quality management system in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 standard. The award of this certificate, with registration number ES-0289/2000, guarantees our organisation’s focus on a job well done and sets us apart from mere promises or good intentions.