Leak detector

ICT FILTRATION Fluorescent Leak Detection Powder (FLDP) increases the performance and eco-efficiency of industrial filtration installations easily, conveniently, safely, efficiently, economically and in less than five minutes.

Leak detector for filter bags

This is a contrast powder which, when added through one of the filter suction mouths, reaches the filter bags mixed with the product being filtered. This process takes between 3 and 5 minutes. Under ultraviolet (UV) light, the Fluorescent Leak Detection Powder (FLDP) becomes visible at any emission points where there are leaks. The high-visibility fluorescence of the powder highlights even small leaks. It also makes it possible to locate any leaks that might have occurred in joints, gaskets or cracks in welds.


  • Minimises production shutdowns.
  • Checks the operation of the installation and detects any leak in five minutes.
  • Shows which bag needs replacing and allows the rest to continue in operation.
  • In new installations, a preventive check will avoid any surprises when production starts up.
  • In working installations, regular checks detect any defective bags that need replacing to keep the installation’s safety, performance and eco-efficiency at 100%.

Benefits and uses

ICT FILTRATION FLDP is safe to handle, non-toxic and water-soluble, so it can be used in any industry except some food and pharmaceutical filter installations.
ICT FILTRATION FLDP saves time and money for industrial users, as well as substantially boosting performance in filter installations.
Recommended amount to use: 1-1.5 kg per 100 m2, though this may vary depending on the length of piping between the fan and the filter.
Product in stock: delivery in 24/48 hours.


ICT FILTRATION FLDP is supplied in different colours to suit different industrial uses and requirements. Yellow is used for all bag filter systems, except in some industries where sulphur is present, such as asphalt, cement or lime. Pink can be used for all bag filter systems. Orange is used in bag filter systems except those where iron oxide is present. Green is excellent for use in electrical, aluminium and cement processes. Blue can be used in all bag filter systems except where the dust filtered is light-coloured.


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