European manufacturer:
over 5000 customers.

Global operator:
present on all 5 continents.

35 Since 1985 providing solutions.


Solutions for processes, capture and filtration of dust, air, liquids and fluids.

We conceive, design and manufacture efficient, high-quality solutions used in all industrial sectors, including those with the highest regulatory requirements.


In Spain and Portugal for leading international brands in their specialist areas..

We supplement our products and services with other products, fittings and accessories industry needs to boost its competitiveness and adapt to legislation.


TEMA is the exclusive distributor of ICT Filtración PharmaLine products for the pharmaceutical industry in Turkey.

tema logo | ICT FILTRACION


Manufacture of high-performance pleated bags, with standard models and custom designs to cope with working temperature of up to 180ºC.
The filter cartridges and pleated elements manufactured by IFIL AG are the perfect complement to ICT FILTRATION’s wide range of dust filter elements.

Mecair - Goyen

Components, equipment and systems for cleaning and maintenance of filter installations: reboilers, pneumatic valves and solenoids, warning light fittings, Ecomatic automatic cleaning sequencers, cleaning timers. Products aimed at end users and OEMs.

If you can’t find your product, please contact us.


Our products are used in demanding sectors like the pharmaceutical, food and automotive industries.

Industry specific solutions with exclusive fabrics an ATEX and FDA materials. ICT FILTRATION products are manufactured in line with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), through Standardised Working Procedures (SWP).


Filter solutions for aluminium and alumina manufacturing plants. The manufacturing technology, raw material quality and efficient finishes used in ICT FILTRATION filter elements ensure products offering excellent efficiency and strength for all uses in processes.


Food Grade filter solutions for the food industry. Raw materials in accordance with GMP, FDA, ATEX, EU10/2011, 1935/2004 regulations. For liquid/solid separation and drying processes. Designed for processes under conditions of extreme humidity and electrostatic charge.


Filtration solutions for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, biotechnology and fine chemical industries. Raw materials in accordance with GMP, FDA, ATEX, EU10/2011, 1935/2004 regulations. Products for liquid/solid separation and drying processes


Controlling the risk of emissions, pollution and product wastage during production, shipment and treatment processes. Manufacturing of standard and custom solutions. Customised packaging and labelling. We have the solution you need… Or we create it.

If you can’t find your product, please contact us.


Technical support and customer care services.

Testing, analysis, repair, assembly and maintenance. Professional technical services aimed at guaranteeing efficiency, reducing extra costs and improving the performance of the filter system.

Análisis y reparación

Analysis and testing of used or new bags.
Repair of filter elements.
Technical assistance.

Technical support

General filter study (FREE, only Spain). Visit to the filter by a specialist (FREE, only Spain). Support and/or assembly of bags and cartridges. Preventive and corrective maintenance. General inspection of filter system.



Custom solutions designed in our technical office, tested in our own R&D laboratory and made using automated, craft processes.

Exclusive machinery and craft skills enable us to supply high-quality products, both standard and to order, at highly competitive prices.

I + I + D & Q

Technical Office to design and develop solutions tailored to customers’ needs. Laboratory devoted to Innovation + Research + Development and testing of raw materials and new products. Quality Assurance Department (ISO 9001).

Specialist filtration fabrics

Specialist fabrics, exclusive ICTEX high-technology fabrics and high-quality needle-punched felt with traceability information, declaration of conformity on migration in accordance with EU 10/2011, FDA certificate and ATEX certificate (where relevant).

Manufacturing & finishing

We devote considerable financial resources and human capital to innovation in design, manufacturing and finishing processes, technologies and techniques, with the aim of offering competitive products of the highest quality and maximum reliability.


We believe in smart, responsible industrial progress.

We are part of the industrial movement to build the better future that other companies only talk about.

Our mission is to help industry to be more competitive and at the same time environment-friendly. Since 1985 we have created, designed, manufactured and marketed solutions to control the risk of emissions of particles and contamination and product wastage.
We offer high quality, efficient professional solutions, tailored to the needs of companies on five continents and in all industries, including the most demanding, such as pharmaceuticals and food.
From our factory in Montgat, Barcelona, and through our products and services, we foster, guarantee and facilitate the balance between maximum industrial development and minimum environmental impact.


News and more.

In CometBlog you will find information and technical resources that will guide you in matters of industrial filtration and will also allow you to know our most human side.

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