Venturis and cages

Venturis and cages are metal structures used with filter bags or pockets to assist the suction and cleaning system when this is based on injecting compressed air.


  • Anti-corrosion treatments to prolong cage life.
  • Welded joins to prevent breakage in fabrics.

Construction materials

ICT FILTRATION venturis are made of spun or else of cast materials. Cages are bag holders manufactured to order by ICT FILTRATION, according to the fabric the bags are made from. This information is what determines the number of wires the cages need.

Fabrics like polyester, acrylic or meta-aramid often need cages with 10 to 12 wires. With others, such as Teflon or fibreglass, the distance between wires should not be more than 25 mm, which means (always depending on the required diameter), in some cases cages have 20 wires.

Regardless of the grade used, ICT Filtration recommends always working with 20-wire cages to stop the bag sticking to the cage as far as possible, so cutting maintenance time.

To improve resistance to the rust that often appears on steel cages painted with epoxy or similar, even before being installed in the bag filter, there is a new treatment called Bezinal, offering a rust resistance two or three times greater than galvanised wires with a triple zinc coating. It is also a uniform, ductile coating with an excellent degree of mechanical deformation and an excellent conductor of static electricity as it contains aluminium.

Venturis and cages are designed and manufactured to measure according to the requirements of the installation or the measurements supplied by the customer.


  • Manufacturing to order.
  • Cage finishes galvanised or epoxy paint.
  • Made in AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel.
  • Cages with or without built-in venturi.
  • Cages with Bezinal anti-corrosion treatment.

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