Fluidisation fabrics, hoses and discs

Air slide fabrics are generally supplied in 25 and 50 m rolls, in widths to order to meet the customer’s needs. Lengths are according to specifications to meet customer needs.

One of the uses of fluidisation fabrics is in making discs for the bottom of tanks to help empty them. ICT FILTRATION makes fluidisation discs for the leading tank manufacturers, as well as for maintenance workshops and users.


The air slide fabrics marketed by ICT FILTRATION are used to decant products in powder form carried in channels by a process that blows compressed air into the channel, generally at 1.5 bar. When the air passes through the porous, permeable fabric it reaches the product in powder form to be transported (situated in the top channel), fluidising it and allowing it to slide along the channel, the slope of which carries the product to its desired destination.

  • Fluidisation in silos.
  • Fluidisation of bottoms to air emptying (discs and hoses).
  • General transport involving fluidisation.


Industries where it is used:

  • Cement
  • Aluminium
  • Animal feed
  • Mining in general
  • Thermal power stations


  • Maximum performance over a long life cycle.
  • Manufacturing of fluidisation discs.
  • Abrasion-resistant materials.
  • Polyester is highly stable and can work up to 140ºC.
  • With aramid working temperature in excess of 140ºC are possible.


In the past, 8 mm thick cotton fabric was used as fluidisation fabric. It has now been proven that polyester can replace cotton and reduce the necessary thickness to 5 mm, at the same time achieving a longer effective duration of the passage of air.

However, in cases where the temperature exceeds 140ºC (as in the case of carrying ash from coal burning in thermal power stations), there is the option of using aramid quality fabric, which can cope with temperatures of up to 200ºC.

– Width 1,000 – 1,200 mm → 2.55 +-0.45 m3/m3/mm/min at 300 mm c. H20
– The most widely used type of fabric

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