Active carbon filters

ICT FILTRATION active carbon filters for a range of low, medium, high and very high-efficiency uses.

Wide range of standard and custom products. Perfectly suited in terms of quality and efficiency to the different filtering needs of different industries.

Guaranteeing pure end products.


  • Maximum performance over a long life cycle.
  • Reduction and control of emissions.
  • Products meeting market standards.
  • Manufacturing to order.


They are most widely used in the following industries:
  • Food.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Chemicals.


Filter medium made using open cell polyester-based polyurethane foam impregnated with active carbon with a weight of 1900 g + 10 g/m2. Weight per m2 of fibre 950 g. Carbon weight per m2: 950 g Thickness: 20 mm. Temperature resistance: 60ºC.

Filter medium made using heat-sealed polyester synthetic fibres impregnated with active carbon. This cloth is designed to eliminate smells in any ventilation circuit. Weight per m2: 600 g + 10 g. Weight per m2 of fibre: 300 g. Carbon weight per m2: 300 g Thickness: 10 mm. Initial pressure drop: 50 Pa. Final pressure drop: 400 Pa. Gravimetric performance: 95%. Temperature resistance: 60ºC.

Metal filter made using granular activated carbon in a galvanised steel frame protected by a perforated sheet. Both flat and cylindrical. This filter is designed for deodorising and removing gaseous contaminants. Temperature: 40ºC. Relative humidity: 70%.

High-efficiency multidihedral filter made using synthetic fibres (pre-filter) and pleated granular carbon, ideal for deodorising and removing gaseous contaminants. Polypropylene frame. Recommended final Δp: 450 Pa. Temperature: 50ºC. Relative humidity: 60%. EN 779 class: F7.

DIMENSIONS (mm)  –  FLOW (m3/h)  –  Δρ INITIAL (Pa)  –  COAL WEIGHT (Kg)

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