Waxer Mops

Waxer mops made by ICT FILTRATION are used in the final process in the granite industry, on waxing lines.


  • High-quality product: better performance and durability.
  • Designed and made to measure for the plate.
  • Price equivalent to that for a standard product.
  • Quick and easy to install/replace.


Industrial granite processing plants with a cutting system are the principal beneficiaries of Waxer model AF and SF mops, with and without a skirt respectively


ICT FILTRATION Waxer mops are custom made for each waxing line. This total personalisation allows a perfect fit to the plate, which means a lower rate of breakages and a longer life cycle. Put another way, they offer higher performance, they last longer and they represent a considerable cost saving on replacements.


Waxer mops from ICT FILTRATION are made using specialist fabrics designed to dose and distribute the waxing chemical efficiently onto the granite and so minimise the amount used.

mopas waxer
mopas waxer
mopas waxer
mopas waxer

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