Bags and cloths for centrifuges

ICT FILTRATION makes original filter bags for the world’s leading centrifuge manufacturers and replacement units for their equipment, both for batch processing and for the filter belts on continuous machines.


    • Maximum performance over a long life cycle.
    • A variety of fabrics and finishes depending on aims.
    • Design and manufacturing to order.
    • End product free from impurities and contamination.
    • Fabrics for ATEX and FDA certification.
    • Quick and easy to install/replace.
    • Reduction and control of emissions.
    • Fabrics for easy cleaning and particle release.
    • Reduction and control of emissions.
    • Fabrics for easy cleaning and particle release.


With standard products or with designs and manufacturing to order, ICT FILTRATION can optimise results for your filtration installation and adapt fully to your needs.

Most common qualities

The wide variety of specialist fabrics available make it possible to ensure just the right filter system, eco-efficient performance, a long life cycle, maximum particle retention and product wastage or contamination that are always better than the required minimums.
Fabrics, including those in two layers, are mainly made of polypropylene.


Being suited to the machine, if necessary with products designed and manufactured to measure, is one of the greatest competitive advantages of ICT FILTRATION bags for centrifuges.
They are available in a wide range of finishes and materials, with certification for use industries including pharmaceuticals, food and chemicals, among others.

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Bags and cloths for centrifuges

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