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CometNews is the electronic newsletter published regularly by ICT FILTRACIÓN which supplies you with technical and commercial information about high-efficiency eco-efficient industrial filtration.

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Comet News 10

  • Economy and Ecology , two sides of the same coin
  • The price factor is leading to a rise in poor quality
  • More ideas, more solutions
  • The ICT FILTRACIÓN experience
  • Backing for social projects

Comet News 9

  • Temptation comes in a washed bag
  • Four packed days with our customers
  • We are coherent in caring for the environment
  • Solidarity & Sports Activities Team
  • Getting ahead is usually the right decision

CometNews 8

  • New high-technology exo-efficient industrial filtration website.
  • Problems and unpleasant surprises caused by variations in size in polyamides.
  • New TRIMEC electronic controllers for dust extractor filters.
  • There was a chance to do it and we did it.
  • Solutions for controlling particle emissions into the atmosphere in the aluminium industry.

CometNews 7

  • 100Km on foot in 32 hours for a good cause.
  • We help to make a dream come true.
  • Airslide products for fluidification and transport.
  • Specific products and solutions for the aluminium industry.

CometNews 6

  • Pollutec, meeting point for environmental professionals.
  • One of our workers reaches the summit of the volcano Elbrus.
  • A sustainable economy starts with the conjunction of several variables.
  • Being a manufacturer here today.

CometNews 5

  • Our story has only begun, here comes the best.
  • Choosing plate press filter fabric.
  • ICT Filtración distributes in Spain and Portugal.
  • Innovation on the basis tradition

CometNews 4

  • New specialized technical assistance services
  • ICT Filtración is a european specialist
  • Signed distribution agreement in Spain with IFIL AG
  • Social Responsability Cooperative

CometNews 3

  • Labelling sleeves and fabrics
  • A cautionary tale
  • Innovation in Customer Service
  • High quality textile improve the efficiency of the sleeves

CometNews 2

  • Leak detector fluorescent powder (PFDF)
  • Service-Oriented Technology
  • Awareness and environmental legislation driving the market

CometNews 1

  • Filter bags and clothes in 24/48 hours
  • Snap Ring, advantages and disadvantages
  • A team to assist and accompany

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